Anyone know about MacBooks?💻 (PC master race types not needed)

So my MacBook Pro is relatively young (2017), however I’ve updated the OS and now the thing won’t get me past the password screen. I’ve currently gotten to the recovery mode Reset Password page which looks like this:

Can’t click on anything or do owt.

I’ll look online but I didn’t know if anyone here had any ideas?

Thank u and goodnight

Can you plug in an external mouse to see if it can work?

I’ve never seen this sort of thing in all my updates of OSX. It went automatically to this reset screen?

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Can you press and hold the power button until it powers off and the reboot it?

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I guess Genius Lounge on Regents Street if all else fails, assuming that’s even an option at the moment :frowning:

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Thanks both. I’m currently trying to reinstall OS X, having erased my hard drive (which I’m sure is alright because everything is backed up to iCloud and Dropbox). It’s been nearly two hours though and the clock keeps going back to another 40 mins…

Will see how it goes. I was getting sick of Mac tbh so maybe it’s a sign

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