Anyone know France?


Going to a wedding in Cognac on July 1st, so need to stay nearby on the Friday and Saturday night.

I was looking at the nearest airports (Bordeaux, La Rochelle or Limoges by the look of it), but they’re all still 1:30 away. Now considering flying to Paris and getting a fast train across.

What would you recommend? Probably flying from Birmingham.



Yeah me and France go way back, great bunch of lad :+1:


Never heard of it.


Does anyone really know France?


There is no fast way to get to Cognac, certainly not by train. Whoever decided to get married there is taking the piss out of you.


Surely he can cycle there?


Charles de Gaulle is about an hour on the RER train to Montparnasse station where the trains out west leave from. The SNCF website tells me that’s it’s 3.5 hours to Cognac and you have to change at Angoulême to a local stopping train.

So that’s 4.5 hours excluding the getting to the airport early. Montparnasse station is kind of seedy too, I hate travelling via there.

French train website tells me that:
Bordeaux to Cognac: 2hrs change at Angoulême or Saintes
La Rochelle to Cognac: 1.5hrs change at Saintes- the occasional direct train
Limoges to Cognac: 4hrs change at Angoulême- all local trains, no TGV


heard of it


Can’t believe Google Maps can’t calculate public transport / mass transit routes in France tbh


Not personally, no.


Holidayed in that area a few years back. We flew in to Bordeaux and hired a car, the roads are top. If you can’t drive then I dunno. French trains have been great when I 've used them, they run on time, you get a seat. Weird.


Well this got helpful, thanks. I think train’s the better option. I drive, but can’t really be arsed over there. I’d rather do fuck all on a train. And Bordeaux looks like the winner – thanks @_Em!


Un petit peu!


When people get married abroad…do they pay for everyone to get there and for their accomodation?

Serious question.

I’d insist on doing so if i’d pressured people to travel to see me getting wed.

Just strikes me as a really, really weird thing to expect others to do.


No, it’s costing me about £300.


some people marry foreigners.

get this though mate: i seem to remember meths going to a wedding in Paris on new years eve one year. would not be thanking those people for the invite if it was me.