Anyone know how to get into a padlock you've forgotten the code for


asking for a friend of a friend of a friend’s friend


Good morning, officer!


A few years ago on holiday we the lock on our suitcase broke - I tried all 1000 combinations before asking the hotel reception to help us by taking a hacksaw to it and cutting through the metal.



Something to do with a hairpin


It’s 4872. You’re welcome


Google the make / model of the padlock and find the instructions. You should be able to reset it.


Put it in a bowl of rice


Just kick its face off






Everything that anyone needs to know is on YouTube.



Remember the code!


Visit a psychic.




ive pulled my hair out at some of these tutorials… “yeah just you know twist it until there’s some resistance and that’s your code”. probably works if you bought the padlock from poundland

(thanks though! :cowboy_hat_face:)


Had a padlock (key, not numbered) that rusted shut on our back gate. Solution: get a hammer, and hit the lock part downwards until it opens. Took about 30 seconds. Obviously not ideal if you plan on reusing the padlock but its a solution.


yeah this, or axe, bolt cutters, etc


Smash the fuck out of whatever it’s attached to


Just buy a new whatever is locked.