Anyone know how to repair a cracked candle?

Trying to fix this sucker for a pal:

humungous sentimental value. if anyone has any niche insight into candle repair hmu

I’ve thought about either just tying it together and putting it inside something, or maybe trying to melt wax into the crack; the latter could quickly become a botch job

I’d bung some cash to someone who could fix it

Thursday, etc.


I’ve used one of these to melt wax for casting, basically a hot filament that melts the top layer – though I’m not sure if you’d be able to melt the entire edge before at least some of it sets.

PS looks delicious

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This looks promising!

i know NOTHING about candles so please don’t listen to anything i have to say…but

would imagine it’s a case of melting the edges and smooshing them back together. could run a lighter up and down, or maybe heat up the edge of a knife and use that for a bit more control?

quite a weird looking thing. do you have any similar ones you could practice on?


i tried this with one of those stick firelighter guys; for reasons beyond my knowledge of science it didn’t really work

you’ve just given me a brainwave though… maybe if i gently melt both edges above some boiling water and it has melted evenly enough it will be possible to very quickly stick the whole piece together… the crack is fairly straight over the top half

If you aren’t ever going to use it as a candle, maybe you could glue it? I know nothink about candle repair or whether glue would stick well enough to wax but just a thought in case you can’t melt it well enough to stick that whatever you stick it with doesn’t need to be wax

I’ve thought about this and even found people online claiming super glue will melt without any issue, but the idea is to be able to burn it and I’m suspicious that you can burn through super glue without letting off fumes

Oh yeah i wouldn’t use glue if it will be burned, personally. Just the sentimental value bit suggested that i wasn’t going to be

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Could you burn another candle then ‘paint’ the melted wax on to the crack and push it back together?


make some tiny rebar with a cut up paper clip which you jam into one piece and then jam the other bit together then you can use something hot to slightly melt over the crack

why am i thinking about candle repair so much


i’m enjoying the logical puzzle solving side of it coupled with the instant KO stress of it being an item that’s very easy to make 100x worse

this is a good idea though, aye… you mean basically fasten it together then melt it and mush it together really quickly?

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considering one of these boyos, paintbrush is a good shout

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