Anyone know if DiS is showing the Utd game or the City game?


Might nip to the pub if they’ve got City on


Think United are on the music board, City are on the social board and Real Madrid Roma is on the classifieds mate.


Cheers. Fancy a pint?


No thank you.


go on then


Two Gazprom and black and a packet of Nissan scratchings please


Ooh are you ordering? Just in time. I’ll have a Gazprom as well.


Rooster potatoes for me.


Mr potato and a nexen tire for the table, cheers


Didn’t there also used to be ridiculous Philips adverts during games as well for shit like hospital scan machines and so on. Can I also get a dialysis machine, please?


Five jägerbombs


Going for a quick tab before kickoff if anyone wants to join


I come for the gazprom but I stay for the coefficient chat.


people in India watch La Liga live on Facebook


Sounds like one of those phrases spies use to identify each other on park benches.



It’ll happen here before long. Amazon have already got the rights to some Premier League games as of next season.