Anyone know what ____ is up to?

thread for when we haven’t heard anything about a musician in a while and we wanna know what they’re up to

Anyone know what Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum, last Knife record) is up to?

Caitlin Rose
Marnie Stern

Tom Vek



Sky Ferrero Rocher

Ross Cummins from Symposium


Nina Nastasia

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The wrens


Hudson Mohawke

Been quietish for years. Maybe new TNGHT in the making?

This was last summer but apparently he was working on new TNGHT stuff with Lunice.

Tim Hecker - been a couple of years since his last album and he played an unreleased total banger to start his set when i saw him last year

Pinegrove - anyone got any ideas when their weird hiatus is going to finish so they can finally release the album they’re sitting on?

TV On The Radio - ???

Menomena - Justin can you sack off Bloc Party and go back to making good music again cheers

TVOTR are doing a couple of high profile-ish gigs and festivals this summer in the US so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got new music before the end of the year.

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Dean Blunt

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Ben Kweller



The Antlers

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Ah yeah course he is, he’s at Field Day in a couple of weeks innit.

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Harvey Milk

one of them did that Music Blues album a few years ago. I think they might all have real jobs. did they split up?

Camera Obscura.

The Notwist