Anyone know what ____ is up to?

Played a couple of US dates recently supporting ya man out of Gaslight Anthem. That’s all I know.

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Coco and Rosie

Though can’t remember if anything was confirmed thereafter

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Not sure if they’re carrying on after Carey Lander’s death, though Tracyanne Campbell has her collaborative album this month

Much as I’ve enjoyed the Blanck Mass stuff, I’m hoping for a new Fuck Buttons record soon-ish.


Marnie Stern is in the house band of one of those American late night talk shows. Obviously not The Roots.

Two of them run a subscription service where they release a new song to you every month of whatever. Think they do it under the Harvey Milk moniker. Could be wrong.

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there were a coupla random little updates to their Facebook page a while ago which got me hoping a third album might be on the way

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played some new songs at a little festival last year so she still exists at least

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Sarabeth Tucek.

She released the Get Well Soon album, which was amazing, in 2011, and I’ve not heard anything since.

Katie Sketch

I had no idea about this, might check it out. shame they won’t do any more albums though

Stephen Fretwell.

yeah I like this song based on listening to it once

Ask them when they play at Robert Smith’s Meltdown.