Anyone know what number Pentium Processor they are on now?

Remember they were on III (three) when I was a kid. Gotta be 8 or 9 now, right?


They don’t use that naming convention any more.

Ooooooft, burn


Tell me more


i5 I reckon

Shingggg doo doo do dooon

Pentium Max Cherry

Tell me roughly the same amount?

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i9 last I looked but for some reason I think i10 exists now.

Then you have a bunch if numbers afterwards specifying the generation of i9 it is.

So now your processors are catchy names like i9 97780k

i9 - A Good Day to Process Hard

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Part deuxe

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Waiting for the z80 to become in again

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do-de do-de



Preferred my version tbh

ding Intel in clyde

Brum brum ber brum?

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I got given a new laptop at work and it had an i9 processor in it, and I was impressed as I didn’t even know it went up to 9. true story.

I left this laptop in my locker over the weekend back in March, and then haven’t been allowed back in to get it since, having to use a poxy i7 laptop now :man_facepalming:

you always say that

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it’s always comforting that they specify it’s inside