Anyone know what this Hobo Johnson guy is all about then?

So he seems to be an internet meme thats all the rage right now. I’m really not sure if its a joke or not. Its labelled as a hip-hop album, but he comes across more like Daniel Johnson with the occasional really awkward lyric that I guess you can forgive if he’s 16, but I’ve no idea how old he is. Also he virtually never holds a melody or beat for more than 3 or 4 lines. The reason why I’m not sure if its a joke or not is how well crafted the music is in parts behind it; the opening track is one of the nicest things I’ve heard this year in regards to how its layered and produced.

Its terrible, obviously, but I can’t get my noggin around it.

He’s 23 ffs!

Think he reminds me of ILoveMakonnen too

Don’t see why it’s a joke. This all seems pretty straight to me:

Sounds like a more upbeat, glossier Lil Peep (RIP)