Anyone like to recommend me a decent 4 track or similar home recording thing?

So I have a hankering to do some home recording over the summer. I have a drum kit, guitar amp etc set up in my basement and I’m looking to buy something goodish to make tracks on. I have just received a payment of 150 quid for some freelance writing so around that sort of area for a budget would be ideal.


I got this baby and love it

Came to say this, which although I don’t own, is high on my ever growing list of gear desires.
A lot of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound stuff is recorded into one of these and then mixed in a DAW.

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I’m going to confess my ignorance here and say I don’t know what a DAW is… I am a total noob.

I’m not really looking to be spending a lot of time recording and editing stuff on a computer. The only decent laptop in the house is my work one and I wouldn’t be able to upload any non-work applications to it. Not really looking to spend any more time looking at a screen either, do too much of that at work.

Digital Audio Workstation, (Protools, Logic, Cubase and that ilk).

If you can stretch the extra cash, I think you could do much much worse than that Tascam mentioned upthread.

I fully respect the want to remove yourself from a screen, the exact reason why I want one myself.

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Think there’s also a cheaper 6 track version of the tascam too

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Ah nice!

Scagden - This will do you fine

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If you get stuck using Pro Tools yer man @Vulnerabilia can give you a few pointers :wink: