Anyone liking the new Perfume Genius then?

After a flurry of excitement for Slip Away, there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of interest in No Shape on these boards - a cursory search finds a few comments dotted here and there. Shame as I remember a lot of people hoping it would be a crossover release for him.

Anyway, I’ve started listening to it post Primavera and it’s really lovely. Not 100% convinced that it’ll top Too Bright, which I adored, but a promising record nonetheless.

Anyone have any thoughts on it?


Not heard it though

Goddamn yes! First experience of him. So so good

Made a playlist of all his previous. Can’t wait to give it some time. Hope it’s as good as this one

Listened to it a few times and have enjoyed it, feel like it’s going to be a slow burner. Loved Too Bright.

Not heard it all the way through yet, probably will soon given he’s playing EOTR. I don’t know…I loved his two first records but Too Bright didn’t grab me…kind of feeling that, if this is a continuation, it might leave me cold.

One of my favourite albums of the year. Get some pretty Twin Peaks (not the band) vibes from it.

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It’s 100% brilliant .

I like Too Bright, but a lot of it felt like he was trying a bit too hard to break out from that piano ballads box, whereas this is like the perfect synthesis of the 2, you’ve got the perfect songwriting mixed with the interesting textures/arrangements.

Album of the year by a mile.

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Not feeling it yet. I thought Too Bright was like a near 10/10 and the one before it is gorgeous too. I’ll give it more time

I’m pretty sure I’m listening to this album a lot because it’s just in my car, but every time it’s on I love it, and then when it’s not I utterly forget about it, like it’s made no impression at all. It’s very slight and the songs sort of flutter on before they’ve left a mark, which gives it an exceptionally delicate beauty. Definitely works for and against it.


Can understand this point of view - I’m listening to it right now and it’s beautiful but I’m not totally convinced yet that it’s as memorable as Too Bright.

Still, it’s really enjoyable and Wreath in particular is luuuush

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That might be it - I haven’t heard any of his other albums though so I don’t have that frame of reference! I’ll haveta check Too Bright out!

Put Your Back N 2 It > No Shape > Learning >>>> Too Bright

Yeah, this is definitely one of my AOTYs. Only just got into him and went back to Too Bright, seems a bit less consistent than No Shape but the standout tracks are incredible.

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too bright >>>>> put ur back into it >>>> the new one

From Too Bright, I really like Queen and Grid, and have no time at all for the rest.

From that piece of information, would you say I am more likely or less likely to find the new one appealing?

more likely.

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Ta. I’ll go take a quick squiz.

Ooh. 1 min into Slip Away, and that’s a nice surprise.