Anyone liking the new Perfume Genius then?

Okay, the first half of this is pretty good. Got a real Sufjan Steven’s Illinois vibe about it (but with some dashes of electronica), in the sense that it’s vocal driven, but the instrumentation, as sparse as it often is, is nevertheless really interesting.

The second half is not so good. All quavering vocals over sparse piano. Exactly the kind of thing that most people around here seem to love, so I expect the consensus will be that the second half is good but the first half is overproduced, or something.

Nah, first half is definitely better

Put Your Back N 2 It >> everything else

In that case, I’ll be paying more attention to your recommendations from now on.

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This is very good. Wreath is my favourite I reckon.

Oh, and - Put Your Back In 2 It > No Shape > Learning > Too Bright

Too Bright was wonderful in places but also had that very self-consciously weird mid-section which, aside from Grid, just wasn’t that good.
Put Your Back In 2 It wins, mainly cos it has Floating Spit on it, which wrecks me to this day.

Was anyone else at the Roundhouse last night? It was one of the best gigs of the year.

Yeah, it was great. Really enjoyed Julianna Barwick too, and Austra had some bangers. Such a good way to spend a Sunday evening.

I’m only recently getting into this guy again after hearing the new stuff and loving it. Which is considered the best album?

I think you’ll find people who will swear by any of the 3 most recent albums.

Too Bright for me

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