Anyone lunching today?


Gonna get a greggs

i had a chicken & bacon sandwich from M&S, rubbish but successfully ticked the box of making me less hungry

I’m at home, do you want the full list of lunch items consumed?

Toss up between Greggs and Subway for me.

Reckon the woman will want a Subway, however the shops are next door to each other…

yes please

3 quality street (honeycomb crunch, green triangle, orange creme), 2 Viennese finger biscuits, a massive spoonful of peanut butter. My body is a temple.

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Half leftover cheese and onion sandwich
Quorn mini scotch eggs - 2
Cheese toastie pocket dipped in houmous
2 satsumas
Bit of Apple
Some Easter egg
Cup of tea

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some leftover rice from a HUGE slice of someone’s leaving “red velvet” cake.



not really a cake man but make an exception for rvc

first time I’ve had it. was ok.

Don’t they look young!

gonna have to up your game to beat slicky

i’m having a cuzzer buzzer ffs

Might have a cappuccino if I go back to work. Edgy.

Go halfers?

Whap a sausage roll in your 6" meatball marinara

do they? is that quite an old picture?

I got YoSushi but that seems like hours ago.

I had pepper cauliflower, pumpkin katsu and edamame and spinach gyoza

I have a sandwich for the plane

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