Anyone on a diet?

I am and I can’t be doing with forums on weight loss websites. I like competition though, and talking endlessly about calories and exercise.


i was in january but i’ve spectacularly gone off it now. my “diet” is basically don’t eat cheese and don’t have milk in coffee as much though.

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I was trying to be but I keep giving up and buying junk food :frowning:

More like die(t)ing for a pizza, amirite?!

…no but I really should be.

I’m looking for some solid stat talk tbh Eric. Preferably in lbs rather than kilos.

Am trying to eat less sugar snacks. Had a pack of custard creams and two packs of peanut M&Ms already today :weary:

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man I could go for some peanut m&ms

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See that’s my issue…it’s not like you hit your goal weight then can eat junk, it’s no junk ever again more or less.

When I was at my slimmest I still had to actively diet. Prefer being fat and full of chocolate really.

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There’s a vegan pizza place near me that I’m keen to try, might have it as a reward when I lose a stone or something.

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oh fuck knows, reckon i’ve lost about 5% of my beer belly

really enjoyed dieting as a challenge when I was fitter and younger and had anxiety problems that needed dealing with, now it just seems tedious for little benefit.

Not eaten meat since the start of January and havent been drinking much so have been shedding weight without massively thinking about it, it’s been good

probably just the classic “nobody to impress” thing

Haha sugar is so addictive. I eat or ate so much of the stuff. Finding things like having a piece of peanut Trek bar as my sweet treat quite nice though, or a small bit of banana bread. Also raw chocolate company’s chocolate covered mulberries (coconut sugar instead of ordinary stuff) are INCREDIBLE

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Spreadsheet updated

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Stats please. How much have you lost?

4 and a bit kg. But 3 of that was residual Christmas weight that would have gone anyway

Was 75.2 in November. 73.7 now

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Thank you, and well done! That’s impressive.

How’s it going? So boring isn’t it?

I’m using MyFitnessPal if you are and want a pal let me know (my diary is public to shame me into eating fewer bad things)