Anyone on a diet?

my mum’s lost half a stone in a week just by walking up and down the house a lot, really amazing

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OMG! I’m not actually craving anything like that at the moment and I think it’s because I’ve been putting nutritional yeast flakes on everything for extra protein. And I go to bed as soon as I get a craving, which is embarrassingly early.

That’s a lot!

she’s gone from about 1000 steps a day to 8000. Very proud of her

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I am currently 15 and a half stone and have been for some time. BMI calculators reckon I should be like two stone lighter than that, which feels unrealistic, but I’d like to at least get under 15 in the near future. I’ve cut down on booze a fair bit in the past few weeks (two-three days a week off, less during the week), but no impact yet. Think I’ve been overcompensating with chocolate after lunch.

I’m on a permanent diet. Been like 3 years now. You get used to it eventually.

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I think the carb thing is a myth but protein fills you up so just up that?

Chocolate is just so good

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That was about where i was at my fittest/skinniest (big legs). Fuck knows what I weigh now, haven’t check in maybe 9 months, but probably close to or over 17st. The stop boozing thing doesn’t really work for me, and I haven’t really got the time to exercise now. Feel like I’ll stay this shape and size for a while now.

Idk. Years ago at my slimmest I won slimmer of the year on a website I use, I stayed thin for years, and I only got used to it by becoming completely obsessed by calorie counting. It was tedious.

I don’t have much time to exercise and I can’t go for a run or anything as it means leaving Jnr alone, but I do squats and lunges and exercise dvds in my bedroom for 25 minutes before I go to sleep.

Give it a go!

Yeah pretty much what I do. But you get used to the idea of what volumes of what foods contain what calories and whatnot.

I mean for me it’s a choice because I don’t really do any exercise. I do about 45 minutes of walking a day but that’s about it. The consequence of me not doing exercise is that I need to be more militant with diet in order to keep weight off. It’s all about the choices we make at the end of the day.

I’m vegan. I put yeast flakes on things, lots of lentils and beans, houmous, and there’s always things like vegan protein powder you can add to porridge or drinks etc.

It’s tough though having to be so conscious of it, sending you positive vibes :two_hearts:

Yeah years back I used to swim 3 miles a week, run 3 or 4 times, cycle everywhere and still do things like dvds in my room and even then it was rough calorie wise! Stupid delicious food.

Yeah it’s 80% diet 20% exercise ain’t it. For me it’s more like 95% diet 5% exercise. We all have our own relationship with it and there’s no easy answers.

Those Cadbury “share bags” are my downfall. When they’re on offer a quid, I’m fucked. I put them away like a bag of crisps.

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Same. I read something about people trying to ban them for that reason. God I could kill for some giant chocolate buttons


Wispa Bites
Caramel Nibbles
Fudge Bites
Dinky Deckers
Chocolate Orange pieces
Twirl things
Picnic ones
Boost ones
Plain buttons

Cadbury’s fingers are mine. Can easily, easily smash two boxes without realising.

(and, for clarity, I’m not fucked about being a bit tubby, I get plenty of exercise and am happy with my weight. I need to cut sugar for other health reasons)

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