Anyone on a diet?

I’m on an accidental one. The TV is on Slimming World and she’s crazy strict with it. She’s lost two and a half stone in about 21 weeks, so it’s doing wonders. As I’m the cook of the house I’m damned if I’m doing two lots of dinner, and if she’s not snacking or drinking much I don’t feel like it either, so I’ve lost about a stone too.

I am not a fan of caramel normally but those caramel nibbles are the best!

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Is she spending a lot on food? I considered it as loads of people are doing it lately but something about the food I’ve seen them cook looks like it’d be expensive

Tricky one to answer.

She’s eating a lot more fruit and tends to buy a punnet of some kind of berries every other day, which bumps up our food bill.

Otherwise most of the time it’s probably cheaper, because most dinners are a combination of a load of veg/salad, some fresh meat, and some kind of carb. We’d got really bad at having a load of stuff in the freezer that we’d rely on and didn’t clock that we were paying for our laziness.

But, like any diet, they subtly encourage you to buy their expensive ready meals and energy bars and things. Swerve that and you’re fine.

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I need to be on one but tbh I find it hard to not eat the sweeties and the cakeys and the nice sugary coffees.
I need to get better at snacking.

One thing i was doing was just roasting up a load of veg and then snacking on them about 11:30 when i was getting the hunger pangs.
I don’t want to lose any more weight but I want to be leaner.

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Good idea about the veg. Love roasted veg!

I’ve got big batch of that tomato cassoulet for dinner tonight and I skimmed on the oil in it so I can eat even more of it. Literally counting down the hours now.

This won’t help any, but the chocolate orange pieces go together beautifully with bananas.

Thought about getting a dehydrator? You can do a whole load of veg and things in there and turn them into no-fat crisp-like things. Dead nice.

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Sort of a forced one as I’ve completely lost my appetite after moving here/am too lazy to cook. Pretty much live off cereal and fags if I’m not being cooked for

That sounds healthy :joy:

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Yup. Switched to vegetarianism, stopped getting take aways, making my own lunches, drink ing only a couple days a month. Lost 2 stone this month but I’m a large lad so the initial drops are often dramatic

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I always recommend keeping one guilty pleasure untouched though. I Still eat chocolate regularly.

Yeah stuff like that can’t be bad if you’re not using loads of oil. I could drink olive oil tbh so I end up using loads. Or just drenching bread with oil and griddling it.

I don’t really think I need to diet as such but eat different things. I rely heavily on bread and pasta where I’d like to have more lentils and quinoa and that shit. I’m just a bit lazy.

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Soup is the answer. Soup for lunch everyday for me, if I need to dunk anything in I buy these nice tofu dumplings

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I do have a reliably good soup place near work that always has vegan option so i’m quite lucky with that!

Yep! My lunch every day is a soup and an apple (and sometimes a biscuit if there’s some knocking about).

I’ve found that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you basically have to keep bread to an absolute minimum. I only eat bread 3 times a week now pretty much.

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Hey Scout!

I would like to go on a diet. I tried on a skirt I used to wear two years ago and could barely get it up over my arse.

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Definitely not on a diet. Just eaten a dirty burger and a massive vanilla milkshake and gonna have some beerz