Anyone on DiS have to work Xmas Day?

Must be annoying that sucks air through teeth


No. Had to work crimbo eve loads though in the past

they need someone in my office and are sending increasingly persuasive/threatening emails like “it’s triple pay” and “if no one comes forward we’ll just pick someone”. Ridiculous not to have it sorted by now, loads of people have already booked planes/trains etc.

not this christmas

used to work for sky tv answering the phones. they had a lottery system where everyone had to come in for a few hours either christmas or new years day. got £35 an hour though so didn’t really gaf would have happily done a full shift at that rate.

Worked oncall offshore once. Was fine.

Have done in the past. Not this year mind

My Dad’s a carer for adults with learning disabilities, so he ends up having to work pretty much every other Christmas Day.

My mum and dad both worked 15hr shifts on Xmas day until I was about 17.

Worked christmas at a teenage homeless hostel one year because my charity work means a lot to me/that was my job. Everyone was out at friends or whatever, so just sat in the lounge eating chocs and then cleaned their kitchens out of boredom

My mum used to sometimes (nurse)

#respect to those people working Christmas

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also worked the evening shift 2014, 2015. Next one due 2020.

Worked a few Christmas Days behind a bar, but only in the days of pubs opening for two/three hours on Dec 25. The hourly rate and tips were worth it, iirc.

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So much this. I think my Dad’s working an overnight shift this year. Gets to sleep, but I think he starts at 2pm and finishes at 10am Boxing Day.

I think my Dad might be working late on Christmas Day this year. He does twelve hour shifts from eight to eight and I think he starts one on Christmas night. Going to stay home with Mam that evening as she’ll miss him.

My youngest brother is a nurse and is working on Christmas Day as well. He dodged the last two but this year he’s on, caring for the good people of Kent.

I have never had to work Christmas Day myself. It was normally the only day off I got when I worked in pubs. Used to be in on st. Stephen’s Day at eight in the morning instead. Huge respect for all those who have to go in and work that day.

Mum sitting down for Xmas lunch grumpy af in her hospital uniform is a tradition I sort of miss.


I won’t be in the office, as it is shut, but my middle eastern clients will expect me to be responding to emails on their transaction (if indeed there are any- it’s not a given) over the Christmas break. That’s all fine with me, it’s less to do in the first week of Jan!
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Similar to me. My Dad used to generally have on-calls and the odd ward/home visit. My mum worked Christmas shifts if she had to.