Anyone on here done Prince2?




Can’t think of a Prince pun rn


Yeah it’s easy


Second that it’s easy. I did the course and two levels of exams in four days and that felt like it had some padding.

Probably has the highest effort/CV benefit ratio of any qualification going tbh tbf…


no, but thinking about it.


Go on?


If it’s easy then wouldn’t it make it low not high?

Need to convince work to pay for it for me


There’s no fooling you CIMA types!

It’s also not very expensive (in relative terms - training courses are an absolute gravy train) - think I paid £675 for mine :thumbsup:


Nah. Firstly, anyone can be a Project Manager. Anyone. Secondly, there’s loads of jobs in it. Although you’re unlikely to get one unless you’ve got demonstrable experience. In lieu of that, the most recognisable qualification (which also happens to be an absolute piece of piss) is a good option.

The distance between getting a qualification and having the door opened to loads of job options re: Prince2 is about as short as it gets.


Oh I see what you mean. Do, please, carry on.




Just been looking up that too. Is that more respected then?


No, I don’t think so. Remember reading some project management piece that said they were different enough that it was good to have both. Prince is basically just methodology, APM more broad underpinning of project management. Both will be the most boring 4 days of your life either way


Really strange you mention this. A good friend of mine here was turned down here for a PM job because he doesn’t have this. Even taking away partisan loyalties, he is a fucking daemon at work, and is easily the most committed member of staff out of us all (about 300) and best in his team (about 30). They told him outright the qualification is pointless, but seems to have an amazing effect on your CV as someone upthread said.

Sounds in reality like utter utter bullshit and could probably be done by a primary school child.


At the time yes. But then you become a project manager.


I’ve done the new version Ƭ̵̬̊


I haven’t done it but it’s one of those things that makes you wonder if modern life is worth living


You obviously don’t know me