Anyone on music site drowned in sound into their music

but not at all bothered in going to gigs?
Like, I’d say I’m into music maaaaaaaan, but have absolutely no desire to go to gigs.
I prefer to listen to music at home, on headphones etc or when with pals, but gigs just don’t appeal and when going out I’d rather go to the pub etc and spend my money other ways.
Can’t think of a gig that would tempt me back, can’t remember the last one I went to…
Anyone else?

Went off gigs for a bit, but there’s a decent small venue 7 minutes down the road from my house where I’ve seen Melt Banana, Future of the Left, and some other stuff. Can’t really be arsed going to the venue at the other end of town any more, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Only gig I’ve traveled for was Boris, and even that was just into London.

I’m only interested in two types of gigs now:
a) noisy bands in v. small venues
b) the handful of personally ‘must-see’ bands that are pretty popular, but I’ve never seen and am running out of opportunities to do so (e.g. Kraftwerk). But other than Kraftwerk, there’s maybe 3 or 4 bands + Tom Waits that would fall into this category? Not many

^5 to the Portland

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love going to gigs, try to get to plenty.

have zero interest in festivals though.

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gigs are top yeah


Sometimes I find myself having a terrible time at a gig, and I find myself thinking “why do I even bother”. But other times I feel like watching live music, played loud, with cold beer is the most fun in the world.

So my answer is - it depends.

I think I’ll always enjoy specialist music festivals. It more or less guarantees a passionate and respectful crowd.

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I’m a big fan of back support so enjoy a nice seated gig these days :older_man:

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I have phases where I really can’t be bothered, aye. I went to see Parliament-Funkadelic last weekend and it reminded me of how abysmal the sound is at a lot of big venues.

Yeah I love live music, always have. I used to go and see anything and everything in my teens around Cardiff and Newport, loads of punk gigs and touring bands stopped by places like the Welsh Club, Le Pub, TJs, Barfly etc. We would drive over to Bristol a lot too, then I moved to Bristol and carried on. Lately though my gig buddies have dried up a little, but I’ve still carried on (alone if required) but refined it a touch. It tends to be bands I know I like, although it is easier now to download their back catalogue and hammer it for a week so I know what to expect. Probably now one every couple of months tops, unless ther happens to be a glut of bands on. Pretty dry until Joyce Manor in July I think. Much prefer smaller venues.

I vowed never to duck out of a gig due to being tired or worried about getting up in the morning. Think I have stuck to that. I have said no to gigs due to price or if they are in a massive horrible venue.

I like gigs but theyre shit on your own

Always thought Scholes was a lot better


Think they’re 90% out of my system now, think there’s probably like 10 artists now that I’ll see if they play when there used to be shitloads

I lived four mins walk from the Brudenell Social Club for two and a bit years so pretty much going to any gig seems like a horrendous amount of effort these days

I think I realised after many years that most gigs are a let down. Having said that, I am going to one on Sunday (that’ll definitely be a let down). But yeah, I’m not arsed these days.

disagree…much better with others…but I’d say half of the gigs I go to are solo due to lack of interest and the age of my mates - we’re nearly 40…and yet I still have a great time on my own immersing myself in the music…


“In the last 15 to 20 years the best thing about music - the most complete enjoyment you can have - is going to gigs… I have spoken with Xabi Alonso about this many times” - Xavi.


A lot of times I’ll go to a gig and wonder why the hell I bother, but every now and then there’s something that’s absolutely sublime, that elevates me above the everyday and reminds me why I do it. So I guess I keep going back, and justify it by telling myself I need to go to the bad/average gigs in order for there to be a contrast with the good ones.

Yeah kind of, don’t see the point most of the time. Been to countless small local gigs and I can’t remember a significant thing about any of them. Most of the best live music experiences I’ve had have been seeing big acts so these days I’d rather save up for a gig which is 10x the price.

Gigs without dancing and loads of people just standing are awful.

Gigs with dancing and a bit of moshing are amazing.

So I try to go to gigs that will include the latter.