Anyone on the board who can speak (or write, more importantly) Russian?

Need a couple words or maybe a line writing (not translating) in Russian if anyone could?


отвали, приятель

This isn’t a shitpost by the way.

I know a very limited amount but probably not enough to write your sentence.

Something like “Performing Live”, as in a band performing live.
Also “First UK Tour” or something similar too.

If I was at work then I’d ask my Russian colleague but I’m not so I can’t, sorry.

Aye sorry, nowhere near advanced enough to do that :sweat_smile:

Yeah I could use google translate or an app but sometimes they’re wrong innit (I’ve noticed more errors on Duolingo for Spanish recently and that should be one of the easiest to get right)

Here you go, mate. My nan’s from Naberezehnye Chelny…

Ян Колбаса

Мое имя

Weirdly translating it back gives “Jan Sausage” not “Ian Sausage”

Let me double check with Babush, mate (she’s 93 and daft as a brush).

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