Anyone rocking a

holiday chart as beautiful as this? Just a work of art. A Mondrian-esque celebration of the best part of working. Holiday. Don’t tell me you leave it to HR, just don’t tell me that.

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My wife’s team at work use a similar one in Excel, which I built and is better than that IMO.

My only regret is not getting paid for it.

I much prefer calendars that have the months across the top and days down the side.

I still use a paper one in my diary to plan my year out.

Also the formatting is all over the shop in that. Too much copying and pasting going on.

I’d advise you tidy it up.

It looks like shit m9!!!111

Hahaha, you had BO on april 3rd

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imperfection is beauty. beauty is imperfection. Holiday is beauty. I think I have a fever

H is halitosis, too.

You’ve not even hid the gridlines though

Do you work for Jack Wills?

Good to see you’ve got a week with your cycling club over Chrimbus. I’m assuming you’re doing the Rapha Festive 500?

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why u scared o grid lines hun?

I have BO every day!!! ahhahaha (I don’t, probably)

Looks messy, like you’ve not finished it.

When you’ve finished inking a drawing, you rub out the pencil lines.

Well I’m sure you could have if you really wanted to

A week of Scottish football in December. Sounds hideous