anyone seen babylon berlin? sounds awesome

Yes and it is.

Really excellent stuff.


Not me

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its on netflix uk right? cant get the link to work from my place of business

If you have sky it is available through sky boxsets. Sky Atlantic show it

I think we got it from the internet

Seems to be on prime??

Lots of boobs but it’s got subtitles so they are classy boobs. The whole style of it is brilliant.


Only seen the first two series but, yeah, it’s excellent.

More than anything, it looks amazing - They really have used their (probably huge) budget well. So much better than most period dramas.

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Oh yeah, the soundtrack is amazing as well. Give that a listen.


This show continues to be excellent.

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Is this the one they were positioning as a German Peaky Blinders? Incorrectly? It put me off but I like to watch German stuff…

erm not sure, never seen PB myself but its definitely german!

might check this out :thinking:


Anyone seen this? Looks amazing/daunting.

I watched it last year. Having watched a bunch of classic German series in the last few years, this was definitely the most… of its time. I was glad when it finished tbh.

Quite fancy this.

Daft question but what is it on? Now TV? How do people usually deal do they just buy a subscription for a month or whatever? Don’t watch much TV.

Netflix I think…

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*cough* NowTV

just watched the first one, decent enough to check out a couple more but not fully sold yet. not as many boobs as i was expecting.

yeah just a month subscription, can probably find a discount code or summat

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if i buy an entertainment pass can i watch it on there? looks like i can do 6 months @ £5 p/m

might have to get my boobs fix elsewhere

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ya entertainment pass covers all the tv and docs and whatnot

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