Anyone seen Stewart Lee's current show?


Debating whether I should go and see that on Thursday night or go and see Factory Floor instead. I have, somewhat foolishly, ended up buying tickets for both.

Cheeky Nandos, Ed Sheeran

I went last week, was ok, but he just recycles the format of bits you will have seen many times before, I was pretty bored in the second half


Yes - saw the first night of it (a so-called “preview”, although it was pretty much fully formed already). Enjoyed it more than Carpet Remenant & Milder Comedian, although as @ttf says, it’s largely more of the same kind of stuff.


No but was also planning on going on thuraday. Got a tickemaster voucher but can’t get it to work.


Yep. Decent. Didn’t enjoy it quite as much as carpet remnant world as a whole, but not far off.


No, but I’m seeing Simon Munnery on Thursday.


Have you double-booked yourself for Thursday, or do you limit your ticket-buying to one event per evening?


Ignore this. Didn’t read the OP properly.


You know those comedy shows they have now?