Anyone sleep wearing headphones?


I do, I get to sleep loads easier if I do. Mostly use crappy in-ears or sport style headphones but they aint the comfiest and break quite frequently so I wanna get something better.

These sleep headbands look pretty ridiculous and I reckon there’d probably be a lot of noise spill but might try one

Any tips?


Used to have the fear put into me as a child by my parents about doing this “LOADS OF KIDS HAVE BEEN STRANGLED IN THEIR SLEEP BY THEIR OWN HEADPHONES”


I did, but gave it up after waking up being strangled by my cord whilst some #harshnoise (sonic youth) was playing


i must say i have never been strangled by my headphones


Sometimes when my housemate is loud or my angry shouty neighbours are being angry and shouty

Only have in ear headphones though and they’re pretty uncomfortable so I usually wake up a few hours later and take them out


I only got big ol over ears and on ears, so it’s pretty difficult


I used to own a pillow that had speakers built into it.


:open_mouth: wo



I have done in the past, I don’t currently.


yeah it’s a real problem, I get really stressed and anxious if I try to sleep without a podcast on.


same, too many years falling asleep with the tv on as a kid methinks. need some noise to drift off to.


I think I must have rolled over in the same direction 18 times or something. Probably dreaming I was warning: weak Sonic Youth gag followsin a washing machine or something


how did you get a photo of me sleeping?


I can’t sleep with music/podcast on because I focus on it too much…I need total quiet generally.


I did once because I was living in my friends box room for a month which had a door leading into his room and one night he came back and had very loud sex ALL NIGHT LONG (all night) AAAAALLL NIGHT LOOOONG.