Anyone staying up to watch the One World concert tonight?

Starting time 1 a.m. for the uk. I thought I might live dangerously and stay up to watch (all of it?) part of it. I might even be able to fall asleep to it. :yawning_face:
Not sure what the line up is like. I hope to see Gaga in action at least. :kissing_cat:

This thread is the first I’d heard about this so looked up who’s playing

Wonder what David Beckham is going to sing?


I think they mentioned it on the radio yesterday and said the Rolling Stones were doing it?

I’ll be awake so probably watch. Hope they put stevie wonder on first so I can turn it off after.

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That’s a pretty low ratio of stuff worth watching to pish.


isn’t it ironic

Got one hand in my pocket, the other one’s reaching for the remote to turn off the telly because as much as I enjoy the works of The Beatles I cannot stand Paul McCartney’s gormless face.

They’re 8 hours of it. I think I’ll - listen for a bit, snooze, hear a song I like, wake up, listen for a bit, snooze …

Never heard of it before this,.


If Lang Lang is on board, I’m on board

I secretly fancy a collab between Gaga and Elton… :relaxed:

Just gonna do keepie uppies on stage for 45mins.


eddie vedder

  • pish
  • ohhh im still alive oohhahhhahh

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Freekick Like Me


Sarong Song

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Don’t Cry For Me Argentina


Golden Balls of Fire

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Would watch for Kacey, and I do enjoy Keith Urban too. Yeah, I like modern country, get ya digs in

Country wanker


BBC will have highlights on tomorrow apparantly , plus extra rag and bone man for some reason

it’s weird and bad