Anyone still listen to A Silver Mt Zion / The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band / The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band with Choir / Thee Silver Mountain Reveries?


Been listening to their albums in order at work (incl EP’s and that live “War Radio” album). Up to the “This Is Our Punk-Rock” now, which was my favourite album back in the day.

I’m finding I appreciate the musicianship more now (especially the strings) rather than viewing them as a straight-up post-rock band, but the lyrics, vocals and ethos are a lot more jarring. Used to think that sort of thing was cool when I was 16 or so but not really any more.

Anyway, thoughts?


Yeah, I do. Also a fan of the strings.


One of those bands I’ve always been meaning to check out. Don’t think I’ve ever heard anything by them, ever.


Got to admit I love the overly earnest lyrics and terrible vocals, the ‘when the world is sick’ coda to godbless our dead marines, the ‘everybody gets a little lost sometimes’ bit from goodbye desolate railyard and the ‘some hearts are true’ bit from blindx3 are amongst my favourite lyric/singing combos


Yeah, the “everybody gets…” bit is playing now actually, also one of my favourites (as is that dead marines bit). Prefer the gang vocal bits by far


Used to enjoy the fact they’d play new songs live for ages before release too (though I ended up disappointed with the recorded versions of Blind and 1,000,000 died)




not listened to them for ages but think born into trouble is my fave


Got this one on now innit. Really good drums.


Oh yeah this bit where the build up breaks down and there’s the gang vocals at around 10 mins is mint too


The first two albums are the best, though I thought the last one they did was their best in a while


I was never into them, then went out with someone who was nuts for them and it turned me round. Great live show.

I wasn’t fussed about the last couple of records but Horses in the Sky and Born into Trouble are probably my faves.


Cracking live. Saw them on the Kollaps Tradixionalles Tour in a church in brighton. Incredible, the group vocals worked very well. Born into trouble is probably my favourite


i was at that!




‘Could’ve Moved Mountains’ is probably one of my favourite ever pieces of music, even if I’ve worn it out a bit by using it as a crutch when I’m feeling low.

also got a lot of love for ‘C’mon Come On (Loose an Endless Longing)’ and ‘The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes’.


I think I need to rediscover them as a band that aren’t just fodder for low moods, because all the music I’ve relied on for that purpose has lost what made it special.

I’m listening to them rn with the excitement at the thought of really feeling the music like I did the first time and it sounds so great.


No band has ever meant as much to me as SMZ.

Horses In The Sky is a devastating record, and Fuck Off Get Free was tha best thing they’ve pulled off since they lost the stringy sound.


I loved Born Into Trouble…aside from that poo itchingly bad spoken word section in Built Then Burnt and all that crap about “the barricades” in The Triumph of our Tired Eyes.

In fact, I really liked them when they weren’t verbalising anything. When they were, they were unberable. Couldn’t get on with Horses In The Sky for that reason and lost track of them after that.


Loved the first two albums, but the more Efrim sang, the less interested I got. Horrible voice.