Anyone trade in currencies?





yes i traded Pounds Sterling for a coffee just today.


these jordan threads are becoming more obtuse


Put my savings into Turkish Lira a couple of weeks ago, not looked but it’s a stable market so i will be fine


What will you be investing your coffee in?


Sure. Anyone want to buy some guldens?


This guy


Got a good tip for traders buy low sell high. You’re welcome don’t say I don’t offer this community anything


More ingesting to be honest.


My last job was working on forex software so I might be able to help with some of your white-collar gambling questions.

tl;dr version: Day trading is a mugs game.


Interested in buying Turkish lire?


So essentially me gran died and i’ve got £5k. I’m thinking of putting £2.5k into savings, £1k into a holiday, £0.5k to chazzers and £1k on currencies or shares.

Not in it for a short term gain so might buy some Lira and Euros on the presumption that I’ll get a decent-ish variance post-Brexit and then do summat else.


yw <3

go go go


Have a £5k holiday


I heartily recommend Fidelity

(They’ve kept me in gainful employment for the last sixteen years)


Are you in the Kingswood office Robo? Being a Sevenoaks lad myself, I’ve known a bunch of people in the Hillsborough office over the years :+1:


Yep. Do you know anyone still in Hildenborough - That site’s closing next year.


I don’t think so. That’s a shame - it’s a nice site.


It is a shame. Probably the one they could make the most money by selling no doubt. Most of the jobs are moving here, which means fewer desk and less space in the car park, which will be interesting.