Anyone up for a Jane Austen RPG?


you realise it’s partially based on emma, yes?

didn’t really need its own thread, did it? maybe make jane austen puns if you want.


Rocket propelled grenade?


bit harsh, seems harmless enough!


No thank you.


I am really struggling to come up with some good puns here.


Pride and 12sideddice


See what I mean?

OFFICIAL thread for cataloguing when people done other people there 2.0: The Bloodening

to be fair, aggpass clearly doesn’t know what an RPG is


Rocket propelled grenade


Status, Kindness, Duty, Happiness and Reputation sound like good attributes though.
Just put Status and Happiness to full, fuck the rest.


Horde and Prejudice
Northrend Abbey
Malfurion Park
Sense Anduin Sensibility

Jaina Austen, more like!

Can’t imagine this being much fun.

“Oh, I want to make eyes at Lord Montgomery’s son but my flirt is on cooldown.”

Leeroy Jenkins running into a room full of soldiers and everyone getting told off by mother.


“oh god, he just sauntered in there!”


“Least I gone scones”


Quite glad I understand none of the above


So you’d be roleplaying a content but disgraced, lazy and cruel aristocrat. Good character to play.


is everything alright mate?


Pride and Terminate-With-Extreme-Prejudice




Eastanger Abbey
-You cannot go that way
Westanger Abbey
-You cannot go that way
Southanger Abbey
-You cannot go that way
Kill Jester


Mansfield Hark