Anyone up for a Mark Twain reading club?

Following the success of the Moby Dick reading club last year, and the fact I’ve only managed to finish a couple of books since then, I thought it might be fun and help with reading discipline to start another?

Moby Dick was a great choice, so in a similar vein of classic American literature, big adventure and humourous writing I was thinking a Mark Twain reading club could be good? Starting with Tom Sawyer, then a short break before Huckleberry Finn?

Tom Sawyer has 40 chapters of 5-10 pages each, so we could read roughly a chapter a day and schedule over a month without being too onerous? I dont currently have a copy of Huck Finn, so can’t work that out yet.

If there’s any appetite, we could aim to start next Sunday if that allows enough time for clearing reading space and obtaining copies etc.

Anyone up for it?

  • Huck fIN (Yes)
  • Huck fOUT (No)

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Reading something at the moment and can’t split my attention but I’ll be in for Huckleberry Finn - only ever listened to a truly awful audiobook of it before.

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It’s currently looking like a non-starter, but if it were to go ahead then that would be fine :+1:

I think my only experience of Huckleberry Finn was an equally awful (possibly the same) audio book as well. All I really remember is a lot of hammy southern accents and ‘by and bys’.

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Wiill there be a thread night out, or never the Twains shall meet?

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Let’s go, girls

Fuck me, is that an actual yes?

Please let me down gently if not. This has been a regrettable foray into threadstarting so far.

It was a shit Shania Twain joke, sorry :frowning: feel awful now. Should have read the other posts first as I assumed they were positive responses*

Actually would be up for re-reading Huckleberry Finn though - only read it in the first year of secondary school under the “guidance” of a very disturbing old Australian man.

*Don’t let it discourage you from starting threads! This is a good thread idea, I’m just a wanker.

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Ah, don’t worry about it man. I dont think you’re a wanker at all, and no need to apologise :slightly_smiling_face: . Just wasn’t a good idea in the end.