Anyone up for a Moby Dick reading club? 🚣 🐳

Have been planning another go at reading this and felt like there was a fair bit of praise and/or interest in it in the finishing things thread so thought I’d gauge interest.

  • Interested
  • Not interested but have a nice time
  • Not interested but hope you have a bad time

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Thinking of starting it this sunday (feel like books should be started on sundays imo)

  • That sounds good
  • Would be up for it if it started later
  • Still not interested

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The book has a lot of fairly short chapters (135) so I’d suggest a rough pace of 5 chapters a day/25 a week, meaning it would take about 4/5 weeks to read.

  • Sounds reasonable
  • Something else

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Yeah? Yeah.


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that’s all fine and good until you get to one of the chapters that’s just scientific descriptions of whale classifications that runs on for 20+ pages


i said rough!

Possibly, but not sure I’d get anywhere near five chapters a day.

Its undoubtedly a good book, but never managed to finish it on previous attempts.

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Same, hence feel some kinda structured approach might help.

Reckon the pace will be pretty loose, but if I read something over too long a period I will almost definitely lose interest.


Up for this as I’ve always quite fancied starting this and throwing it across the room in frustration about ten pages in (or enjoying it, who knows?)

Maybe make it a week Sunday start to give non-Kindle users a bit more time to source though?

Good chance if i dont start it for 10 days I’ll likely forget about the entire thing, but if people are up for it we can do that.

Preferred start date

  • This sunday (30th Aug)
  • Next sun (6th Sept)
  • Tuesday 12th of Never

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i.e. the best chapters

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ahm oot

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Based on everything I’ve read about it I’ll give up on it pretty swiftly anyway, so don’t worry too much about my opinions (I know you do normally)

You can skip the cetology if you like.

Good god no


Dick was actually the name of the whale.

can we call you moby dickheads



you seem nice

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you don’t like books about war OR whales???

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Can we listen to Mastodon as well?

Already read it and have no desire to again.

I’ve read it before and I’ve too many other books I’ve not read to dove back in to it right now. But it’s well worth reading, and this is a great idea to help motivate you through the bits you struggle on.

I did something similar the first time I read infinite jest and that really helped

how many pages is moby dick