Anyone up for DiS drinks on Saturday?

if you are keen to endure hours of oversharing and ‘fun’ stories about anagramming, let’s have some pervy drinks!! :beers: :clinking_glasses: :champagne: :cocktail: (If no-one can do Saturday then Friday evening is also OK.)

Don’t know where. Suggest places. The nearer Charing Cross, the better.

rsvp xoxo

Come to pietro night tomorrow!

I can’t really - tomorrow I’ll have spent all day preparing for the sale at work, then Thursday is first day of the sale (aka bedlam) so it’s basically the worst time for me to have a late night :cry:

Ah I’m down in SW London on Saturday otherwise I’d come and drink with you pervo.

I could be up for Saturday (evening), dependent on a couple of things money-wise between now and the weekend.

Will bookmark the thread and keep an eye on progress.

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I might be up for this, pervo.

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Think I’ll be around too (my tv is away at the weekend and it’s good to space out a Bojack marathon)

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There’s a couple of olde worlde pubs near Charing Cross, like the Ship and Shovell and the Nell Gwynne if that’s your speed. Or the Porterhouse by Covent Garden. Various Sam Smiths too…

You coming to pietro??

Can’t, soz lads.

Also, trying to stop boozing for the foreseeable so, :sweat:

…what is pietro? :upside_down_face:

Only the pre-eminent crazy drummer of our times!

Ban request

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Like this but crazy +3

I can’t quite believe that that pietro thing is a real thing that’s happeining


Potentially up for this! Totally missed the thread about ‘Pietro’…

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Wait, are you not coming to Pietro?!

Please familiarise yourselves with arguably his greatest work


Unfortunately this weekend’s London penoiding event is on Sunday, not Saturday, so ahm (just) oot.