Anyone use TalkTalk broadband?

Having a fucking horrendous time with them since switching over. Internet slow to the point of not being able to stream a song, watch a video or even load some pics, especially in the evenings.

Anyone else had issues with them? If so, how did you resolve them? They tried telling me slow evening internet’s normal and 1kpbs is “about right”, i spent an hour on the phone to some lad whose best advice was restart the router and defrag my computer, and i’m getting the distinct impression they’ve not got a fucking clue.

my m8 did and had the same issues you’re having. fucked it off as soon as he could.

I remember reading some posts in the footie threads a while back regarding people switching to talk talk. Couple of things:
They are fucking shit.
They will not improve,
Their router is a load of bollocks.
Get out while you can.

5th September is our switch over date away from them, counting the days brother.

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If you want to struggle on with them, bin off the call centre and sign up for the forum and post your problems there. You’ll find you are not alone.
What router did they send you? Hg633 or something? If it is put it straight in the bin.

I’m having exactly the same problems with BT - the signal is so slow it won’t run the speed test the call insist on before they’ll do anything.

Have emails confirming there is no problem with the line but know the problem is too many people connected to the same exchange.

I can’t get fibre and won’t improve with another provider.

That’s the router, yeah.

If i knew the Fibre would be better i’d pay the extra £5 a month, but i suspect it might not be and by the time i’d know my trial period would have elapsed.

Thing is, the TV works great, and that comes via the ethernet cable on the router. I’m sort of split, because i’ve got all the sports channels…but even Spotify and Netflix won’t work the broadband’s that bad.

signed up with them and had it installed about a week ago. The telly is a bit fucked, can only watch sky sports without it being juddery, but not sure If I’ve fucked it up/I can play around to resolve. Don’t really care as just switch to different HDMI cable for normal telly. Internet has been alright. About as quick as what I’m used to. Not really had time to use it much

It’s the router. I can’t believe they are still sending it out to new customers. WiFi used to drop out all the time and was barely usable. Ethernet cable was OK though but who wants loads of cables across the flat/house.
Honestly take a look at their forums, so many threads complaining about that router. I posted a bit in the early days of our contract but after some attempted help, in the end I just gave up and bought a TP Link one. Made a big improvement regarding WiFi drop outs and speed. If you have an older router try that and see if it improves.

Have you tried connecting your laptop to the router via ethernet? It might be worth checking that first to make sure the router isn’t shit.

Yeah, it is a bit of a gamble as it seems to vary so much depending on where you live.

We had similar issues with Sky Broadband. Was faster to just use 4G. Switched to Virgin fibre and it’s amazing. Encouraged my sister to change, and it’s crap. She’s had a complete nightmare with them. (Whoops).

I’ve been with them for years, it’s always been fine. Think I’m on the fibre now, with the router mentioned above. My only issues with them have come when moving house, but I think that’s the same with all broadband providers.

Probably a stupid question but i’m not much of a Theo. Would it have to be an old TalkTalk router or would any router work?

Any router I think, I bought a new one (tp link) and use that. You can probably type the ‘make/model and talk talk compatibility’ into Google and it will probably tell you. I had to change some settings to get the new router to work with Talk talk iirc. Also just plug it in and see what happens

My parents used to for years. Cut out all the time, sometimes for days. Pretty sure they’ve binned it off now

How very dare you

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With the router that you try, you will firstly have to enter your username and password provided by Talktalk into the connection settings. I’ve found an article on Talktalks own page of what extra settings you will require

Any issues, send a reply, I talk you through.

BTW, Talktalk are pretty rubbish. My folks had them for too long and said it would crawl in the evening. Basically, they have too high a ratio of people to the line. I think it’s 50:1, which is why they are cheaper than everyone else. What it basically means, in the evening when everyone comes online, there is too much traffic.

Yep that’s the set of instructions I followed.

Only 5 more days til we jump to another ISP (plusnet). Shame I won’t be at home for another couple of weeks to enjoy that sweet sweet fibre


The only other router we have is our old Sky router. Weirdly, when i’ve plugged this in and entered our old details it connects and the internet is very quick.

Is this normal? What can explain that? Is it just a case of our old service not being cancelled 'til the end of the month, etc?

Wouldn’t be surprised if Sky haven’t taken the service off the line. Does it still have the old Sky logon details configured? If so, then they definitely haven’t cancelled, which is awesome.When did you cancel your Sky service?

At the start of the month, and the changeover date was around a fortnight ago. The details were still listed, yes. Maybe they’ve just not got round to it yet. I’ll still have to get the TalkTalk sorted though unless the Sky gets switched off before our cancellation period expires. I’ll have a look at the thread you link to above. Only got a tablet, though, so may prove tricky.