Anyone use TalkTalk broadband?

Yeah, they definitely haven’t removed your account from the system. Probably by the end of the month or next month. Is it slow over the wireless and if you connect via a cable to the router?

Is the Sky router the only one you have spare at home at the moment? Not entirely sure this will work, as I think some Sky routers have the login details hardcoded. Are you able to login to it and see if you can enter a username and password for the connection?

Chris, suggesting people defrag their hard drive. This isn’t Windows 95 running slowly and some advice passed on by an Uncle who read about it in a Windows for Dummies book from the library.

Been with them for a few years, no data limit and tv box thingy are the plus points. Signal strength is variable though to the point that I suspect that they do it on purpose to entice me into paying more for fibre - bandwidth throttling they call it!

Spent hours on the phone, spoke to a manager, got an engineer appointment. Booked a day off work, they didn’t get in touch so i rang up, no appointment had been made, told them to cancel it, went through all the preamble, just as they’re about to press the big red button the engineer knocks on the door. They’re a bunch of absolue fuckwits.

You’ll find this with a lot of ISP’s unfortunately. One department doesn’t talk to the other one, especially engineers and call-cente