Anyone used Fatlama?


Eyeing it up because in my job (DoP/camera op/editor) I have a lot of quite valuable equipment that I might only use once or twice a week, and this could be a nice little earner. But worried about the hassles of co-ordinating meeting people, the insurance hassles if anything comes back damaged, and also of spending a bunch of time uploading stuff if it’s going to be radio silence afterwards. They have a ‘leaderboard’ or top earners and half of them are anonymous which seems fishy.

Anyone any the wiser?


I use chubbyalpaca








FAO @casinobay


Been renting a giant teddy bear out on there. Earned over £1,800 so far.




Fatlama Whitbread


i’ve signed up but have only rented stuff from other people so far. i’ve listed my 5D kit and my editing laptop on there but no bites so far


Think England have really missed his intelligence on the ball