Anyone visited the Shard?

I’m thinking of doing it but looks v expensive.

Are there any other similar such places you can recommend for the views which aren’t so costly?

Great if they’ve a nice cafe too.



Yeah I’ve been up there.

If you go the bar, it’s expensive but at least you can sit down with a drink for a bit


^Both free…


Another vote for the Sky Garden. The views from the Monument to the Great Fire of London are also pretty good and they used to give you a certificate when you reached the top.

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And the Lookout is free too - next door to Horizon 22

Oh thanks for all the above. V helpful!

I’ve got a story about that, I wanted to visit but it seems expensive so didn’t think of it until one day I got an email as a Warwick alumni about their new business school in the shard and an opening event the same day I was due at the Harper Collins headquarters for a book event so I figured I’d swing by. There were a bunch of people looking like they’d come straight from their jobs in the city and I looked fairly unprofessional and casual, and felt out of place. Anyway once I’d admired the view of the shard and was about to leave, they ushered us in to an auditorium for a talk and I thought I’d go in to not be rude and then slip away. They asked us in turn what our background was and reasoning for wanting to do an MBA. Most people came from finance/business/economics type degrees and I told them that I studied Microbiology and couldn’t say that I didn’t want to do an MBA and just came to see the shard for free so mumbled about wanting to try new things and the person leading the talk seemed unimpressed and said that this is a serious degree that needs commitment. I was so embarrassed but at least I got to see the shard. It was alright


Definitely go with someone

Taking someone up the shard is a lovely experience.


There’s a free viewing platform on the 58th floor of Twenty Two Bishopsgate which appears to look down on the shard due to a quirk of the shard’s shape.

I was in there yesterday, this is the view over St Paul’s from my office on the 55th floor:

Details here: Viewing Gallery - 22 Bishopsgate


I did Horizon 22 in November and it was great (and insanely high).


Yeah, if anyone’s thinking of going that would be my advice. Think it’s free to go up to the bar, and while it’s obviously mega expensive I remember getting a beer which was a couple of quid more than standard for London at the time which with the view doesn’t seem too bad. Sure you could probably get to the bar for free and walk around looking at the views and not getting a drink for a few minutes before anyone clocks you too.

(all of this information is probably minimum 7 or 8 years out of date now tbh)

Yeah, guess you’re not gonna notice another two pounds on top of twenty quid tbf…