Anyone wanna play Skribbl? (bit like isketch)

Going to do a restricted numbers game at 8pm tonight so it’s not too intense/chaotic - probably looking for just three people - if you want to join me and a couple of lovely DiSers then like this post and I’ll message you the link when we start.

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Anyone else? Game starting in a few minutes but you can join in late :blush:

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Argh I’d love to but my work schedule has been destroyed by the Easter Holidays so I really have to get on with stuff. Sorry!

Waiting for pasta to cook so this is ideal

Will def lose but it’ll be fun anyways

Might join in for a bit once I’ve got dinner in the oven if you’re still there

It’s pretty quiet so I’ll post the link - join us :blush:

I’ll pop in later if you’re still playing. Am actually doing some illustration this evening, so have the proper pro setup out! :upside_down_face:


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You’ll put us all to shame!

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Someone has to come stop Bam winning again!

good game all!


Three in a row for Bam! Impressive

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your hulk was the best