Anyone want a free 32" TV?

I’ve got a new one. Anyone want the old one?

It’s a 10 year old 32" TV that’s not a smart TV but has about four HDMI ports for you to put stuff into. I had an Amazon Fire Stick that made the dumb TV slightly smarter.

It works fine. Let me know if anyone wants it.

P.S. I’m in North London and can leave it outside my door for someone for a safe pick up if interested.

Not sure if you wanted money and if not you’ve probably considered similar options… but if no joy on here, any local British Heart Foundation furniture and electricals will pick it up from you. Alternatively donate to a local refugee agency to someone who could use it

I’d happily take it but I am in SE23, housemates have cars but dunno how much they’d charge me to go pick up

I’ll ask - can you give me a vague location?

or PM specifics if you want

Really nice offer, you’re a good egg.


Sorry @BMS1 - just seen ‘FREE’ in the thread title. Jesus I’m slow.
and that’s indeed very kind of you

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