Anyone want a free ticket for Supergrass/Ash at Brixton Academy next Monday?

Prefer to give it to a regular DiS-er. I’ve one downstairs ticket for that gig next Monday.

If anyone feels uncomfortable asking for it here they can private message me.

Can’t DM you but would gladly take the ticket?

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Hi. The ticket is yours…on the condition that you don’t laugh at my top 10 film choices of the year too much! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have loved to have gone. Being my age I like both bands (and hugely) but they’re both great live and seen them both many times.

If it was just the risk of covid to me “personally” I would have been ok and happy just stood right at the back bar near the loos with a crap view and sound and worn my usual ffp2 mask.

But I’ve volunteered to do 5 x 12hr hour shifts at the hospital from 22nd to 26th December including three consecutive night shifts so that my work colleagues could go to Europe and around the country to spend Christmas with their families after Christmas was cancelled last year.
If I was to test positive I’d be isolating and at least two of my workmates would have their Christmas plans immediately ruined to cover my sickness at the hospital all because BMS1 fancied seeing a 90s double headliner. I couldn’t do that to people. Even I’m not that selfish.

But to whoever is reading…I am so not looking forward to 60 hrs in five days and will jokingly whinge about it in the threads next week!


I am going to this show. I’m hoping that it sucks, just to make you feel better @BMS1 *

*I don’t really. Sorry!


This thread title makes me feel 25 years younger :grinning:

I was really looking forward to it as their both fun live bands and it was due to be my final gig of the year.

If the present conditions where like a month ago or so I would have gone as I did go to similar venues like The Roundhouse last month.

I don’t mean to sound sanctimonious but I couldn’t fuck up other people’s Christmases. One person has a tragic tale and last Christmas in Europe was going to be part of their healing process and so it was delayed to this Christmas.

I’ll stay in, drink loads of beer wishing you guys sincerely the best of health but the dullest gig imaginable :slightly_smiling_face:


Mate, you’re doing a good thing, don’t worry about that. You’re a better person than me.


Well, I went to see Damon Albarn last night, so I’m getting a proper Britpop fix over the course of this week.


FAO of @BMS1 and @roastthemonaspit @Shoebox1976uk


Been discussing with mates today about whether we should sack it off or not, pleased that the decision has been taken away from us. Just have to hope that we can make the rearranged dates.

Ticketmaster has the new date as April 4th.

Cool. My calendar is currently clear on that date.

Remind me to transfer it back! Just out at the moment.

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