Anyone want a free upstairs ticket for The Wedding Present on Saturday? (They're an R&B/Urban Soul band)

I’ve one ticket on Ticketmaster for upstairs at Kentish Town Forum. I can transfer it across to someone who wants it and it’s a freebie.

i’m not a massive massive fan but i went to see them doing Seamonsters last month and it was really very good so i would recommend someone take up this offer

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hot damn!

Same, was a cracking gig.

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Is this still available? Seamonsters is my favourite WP album but my wife hates them with a passion.

Yep. It’s yours still if you want it.

I’m on the tube to a gig but looking it up I’ll need your first and last name and email address. If you want to private message me those details?

You’ll probably need a Ticketmaster account too. Their website does say you can create one afterwards but maybe just in case create one before.


Amazing. Thank you. You public profile is ‘hidden’ though so I can’t message you. Do you want to see if you can message me and I can reply…?

Thanks again.

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if you’re stuck you can go into your messages, click New Message and type in the username

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I’ve got your messages. Don’t worry, the ticket is yours. I’ll transfer it tomorrow morning.

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