Anyone want a quick chat before home time?


your home time that is, I’m just out the shower haha.


ive got 15 mins or so. hows it going?


hey, going ok. been really exhausted today and trying to write a philosophy essay… having to look up really basic things and then releasing what I’ve written is wrong :disappointed:

any plans for the evening ?


going to my mam and dads before they go away for two weeks. theyre going doing some charity stuff in cambodia (which is very important to them) but i think my mams bricking it. going to get them a chippy tea to make it ok.

wbu bbz?


Already at home mate


just finishing this essay, got other reading to do for tomorrow so better get a move on


do you want me to write it for you


I would love a chippy tea come to think of it


hi DD

8 minutes for me


let me see what i can do


just had an email that contains this phrase

i bet you have


Hallo DD.

What’s the best belgian biscuit/cake?


just rewrote my CV…god it’s shit…god I’m shit.



nah man everyone thinks their cv is shit. except show offs




yeah I think mine’s shit even though most people would probably say it’s not.


Thanks but mine is.

anyways off out for a while.

take it easy!


you’ve done loads of cool stuff you dafty


I need to stop comparing myself to the most impressive, clever people I know


be reet, dont worry about it