Anyone want a video message from a celebrity?


Finally, you can make your dream a reality:


My friend got Pat Sharp to make a video to send out the ‘please will you be my bridesmaids’ message. Actually was amazing :smiley:


And only £30! Not bad.


‘warwick davis - currently unavailable’


Mick Foley is on there :smiley:


Fuck is going on with Razor’s heed?


immediately rendering everyone else on the site completely redundant.


JET from Gladiators is on there, mate!


$100 there’s loads of wrestlers…

R-truth charges the most by the look of it at $150



Brook Hogan $200


I dunno, there’s Greedo, Ash Ketchum’s voice, a Gervais lookalike AND a Gordon Ramsey lookalike!


Katrina of the Waves


they haven’t got the mighty conquerer, though, have they?

(that’s a joke no one will understand)


That tense legal drama Game of Thrones :smiley:


@TKC to thread




Oh my god that is incredible!


The temptation to re-write the lyrics to the keenan and kel theme song then ask coolio to perform it is very great


it must be so fucking bleak to be a former celebrity and have to do humiliating shit like this for money all the time…


@sean get in on this dollar m9