Anyone want my All Points East ticket for today and Sunday?

Ello. I was meant to go to All Points East today and Sunday but will no longer be attending. Boring reason, I’m all partied out and feel pretty poorly as a result and need to take it easy this weekend (stay away from junk food and booze! as it’s irritating me gastro problems) desperately so I feel refreshed for next week!

So if anyone would like a FREE ticket for Today and Sunday to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, Beck and Bjork let me know and I’lll DM you the e-ticket.

Disappointed but it’s the right thing to do as I need to give myself a time out!

Posted it in it’s own thread as I kinda figured only people going would still be checking the specific thread and the event is today

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Yes please if that’s OK?

@moderators shut it down

Hi I’ll DM you now.

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