Anyone want one (free) ticket for Beach House at Troxy on Thursday?

It’s a pdf ticket I can email.

I’m seeing them there the day before and might see another gig that evening instead. Anyone want the one free spare?

As usual, I’d prefer it went to a regular/semi-regular DiS user than a newbie or someone that doesn’t post here too often.

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Hello my friend. I’ve done quite a lot of posting albeit not a lot-lot and mostly discussing a few festivals.
Any chance? Would be endlessly grateful and have been to 4 or 5 Beach House shows since 2010 so an authentic fan. Have an email address too if that’s part of the criteria.

Just stopping by to say that I think it’s rad that you offer your spare tickets to the community for free. You’re a very good egg


PM me your email address.


Yup, absolutely this. Was the recipient of a free ticket a couple of years ago after he refused my offer to pay - top bloke.