Anyone want one free ticket for Cat's Eyes at King's Place next Monday?


I can’t make it due to a family commitment. It’s a seated gig. The ticket is row k, seat 1. If you want it let me know.


Wish I’d seen this before I booked a ticket yesterday


Sorry. I forgot about that gig and it came through the post yesterday. If that seat is better than yours or a mate of yours wants it I can post it to you. Let me know.


I’ll let you have first refusal.

Also, I’m going to the Mirrors Festival and on the off chance that you are too I can hand it to you there. If you don’t want it, it’s available to anyone else.

They were brilliant at The Lexington earlier in the year. Their album is one of the best this year.


That’s very kind, have messaged.


Cheers for this. Faris seemed very pissed off throughout, making references to “songs about a couple who love each other very much” and at the encore said it was their last gig and that the rest of the tour was cancelled. They then went on to do a cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun so god knows if it was serious or not.


No problem. Hope you had a good gig. I’ve seen them twice live; once at The Scala and a few months ago at The Lexington. Great live both times.