Anyone want something nice said about them?

Let me know, I’m here all the time :+1:


didn’t want to initiate with a compliment or work through a list of people because I’m sure I would miss somebody out and make them feel bad which isn’t the intention.

Aye go on then

TKC - you are handsome and mysterious, with a playful sense of humour and you are kind for putting yourself forward for this thread x


Mysterious! Never had that before. Thanks Bammers <3

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you’re welcome!

You’re a beautiful soul bammers, you’re pure and honest and want people to be their best selves. You have a selflessness which underlies everything you do. Your music is inspirationally good and you regularly exceed expectations and challenge people’s perceptions of what you are and what you can achieve. You have a voice, you have something to say You add to this community of people from all sorts of backgrounds and make them question things about themselves, encouraging them to grow. You’re a unique, wonderful person Bammers and DiS is lucky to have you post here.


Hunner percent this- in the short time ive been here I’ve felt intensely welcomed… which from an online community is a rare and really beautiful occurence.

And aye, go on, I’ll take something nice :grinning:


mwahaha you fell into my trap!

Only joking, I really didn’t start this to get compliments back, sometimes it just feels good to say something nice about someone else…I’m sure you felt good for typing such a generous post and bless your heart for doing so it’s very touching! x

In return, I will say with all honestly that you are very charismatic and have great eyes, you look like how I imagine famous people should look in my head! You’re also funny and caring, I also loved the drawing you did of me I think it’s really cool and that was very touching, so thanks for that too! Keep on rockin’ The Netherlands,

your pal Bam x


sorry to be forward but from what you posted in the selfie thread you are very pretty with great hair! You also have a great singing voice, and not just good in a kind of generic way, like you have your own style which is great!

I also think it’s really cool how quickly you have got stuck in here on DiS and how you are getting on with everyone, great addition to the community :+1:


do your worst.

profk you are one of the coolest dudes going! Sometimes really wish I was as cool and easy going as you seem to be, you’re a funny guy, the fact that you can speak another language is seriously impressive to me (no joke) and it’s no wonder that you are one of the best loved and most iconic people who post here. Easy would be in my top 5 people on here to go for a pint with (or just hang out with minus alcohol) reckon you’d be real easy to chat to x


great accent too, smooth tones!

Sorry is this too many compliments?

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gotta save some compliments for other people if they need them

(if I reuse any compliments it doesn’t make them any less true btw people)

aww cheers man :slight_smile: second maoam’s words regarding you, my man.

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Why not bam

rich you are handsome and rugged, you seem like a great and caring father and you are kind-hearted I know we have had disagreements in the past but you’ve never held a grudge if we’ve been on opposite sides of a debate, I think that’s a great and pure characteristic to have x


Go on then, i often feel quite bad so this will be nice

Oh bam, think I’ve been chopping onions or something

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