Anyone want to win over £3,000?

What is this?!

Imagine if one of the London/Manchester/Glasgow/Edinburgh/Black Isle Metropolitan Elite walked away with three grand of West Norfolk prize money.

I prefer North Norfolk Digital

Is it a long awaited My Vitriol album?

You should definitely call KLFM and guess this.

Is this the same secret sound as before? How long has this been going now?

Fucking ages. Since September 2015, I think.

Is the answer definitely one item and not something far too specific to reasonably guess, like say, a dwarf hole-punching a packet of prawn cocktail Wotsits?

If you get through to KLFM and give this as your answer, I will BACS you £10.

I’ve already got ten pounds, but feel free to keep the £3,000 if it’s right.

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