Anyone watch Taboo the other night?

I thought it was pretty good, though Hardy is playing a similar character to the one he plays in all movies/series but he is good at it.

Got it recorded ready to perennially ignore when trying to pick something to watch before deleting it sometime around April

Looked like Ripper Street, and I got bored of Ripper Street.

Thought it was quite good. A lot of it seemed to consist of Tom Hardy just walking around scaring people and wearing a big coat

That is not true, he wears a top hat as well! I have a feeling it is going to go steadily down hill but we will see

Quite a bit of this was filmed not far from where I live, in Wanstead. When he was there, you could spot a line of middle class mums with pushchairs having a long-distance ogle through the cordon.

I thought there was enough in the first episode for me to keep going with the series but Tom Hardy’s character was too one dimensional (hopfully this will be addressed as the series goes on). Fingers crossed he wont just stay the gruff, brooding outsider all the way through this.

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I’m not watching if that mug is in it.

I’m still watching this but the story hasn’t evolved much since the first episode …

It really hasn’t has it, I am very quickly tiring of it.