Anyone watching Hurling?

If you’re not, and you’ve got sky but you’re watching chelsea instead, you should really switch over.

spy sports arena,

Tipperary (in blue) vs Kilkenny (orange and black).

don’t worry about the rules, there aren’t any afaik.

That’s a long way to go

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it is, it’s a little bit further away than kilkenny!

don’t have it on but i’ll be keeping an eye on the score so i can send my Kilkenny friend a hilarious text if they lose

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There’s a minor Var controversy! ffs

I am from Tipperary. I am watching the hurling.


that goal was good!

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Away so listening to it on the radio which is always an experience

Fuck off Hogan you prick!

Things are looking up here.

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the weather is crazy, i’m close enough that i can hear the crowd cheer when i open the window, and its not raining here!

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that the one where the refs are dressed as butchers?


They’re umpires you gowl!


Pundits currently arguing that a red card for this elbow is harsh :smiley:

(wait for the reverse angle)

the Atlantic Archipelago is at it again

Going to petition the EU to call it that.

Really enjoying this. Nervous now though.

they’ll be dancing on the streets of tipperary tonight!

why are the hurling captains always so good at public speaking to the stadium after they win? disconcertingly so

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