Anyone watching The Get Down?

Saw the first 50 minutes of this yesterday, didn’t have time for the full hour and a half first episode.

Cost $10m an episode apparently. So far it seems pretty wonderful (I haven’t really been a Luhrmann fan before now), it’s made me blub, made me excited, the leads are all really likeable and it looks gorgeous.

Does it stay this good?

I’d like to acknowledge the first thread about this I raise a glass to you kiyonemakibi.




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I watched the whole series and there are definitely highs & lows - the best bits are really well done but the bad bits are not much of a step up from High School Musical:Bronx’75

Shame they cancelled it though, had a lot of potential to move through the different eras and weave a big story

To which I should maybe add that New York in this period is so thoroughly fascinating from both a music history & general modern history perspective - that hip-hop, disco & punk/post-punk were all being birthed there at roughly the same time is really quite phenomenal from an anthropological perspective (really)

Could watch anything about this period really

Really wanted it to be a good, proper drama about it all. Saw that it was a Baz Luhrmann thing instead and gave it a wide berth

It is a bit Moulin Rouge in places - which is fine in the Manhattan disco bits but doesn’t really hit the right spot in the Bronx block party scenes

I’m a big a fan though of a program that’s in a large part aimed at teens having tons of drugs & swearing in it

you couldn’t have waited one more week?

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Not for me it fucking isn’t…


I was trying to be nice - it kind of works in the disco bits

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