Anyone watching the Paralympics then?


Bit of a rush of golds just now for Team GB. Johnny Peacock in the 100m final later, of course.


Jonnie Peacock




Suit yourself


Was watching the swimming yesterday
They were discussing whether ollie hynd would win (he did)
Commentator said "the Chinese are more scared of him than he is of them"
No, that’s spiders


Just turned back to this to see one of the blind athletes and her guide being interviewed. On being congratulated, the guide said, “oh, it’s all down to her - I’m just here like John Terry” : )


Good lad, Peacock.


Friend of a friend just broke the world record in the women’s blind backstroke 100m. Pretty stoked for her.


Yep, loving it. Especially the one leg high jump / people with two shit legs high jump.


Swedish TV had the wheelchair table tennis yesterday. South Korea somehow managed to get a yellow card and their coaches went apoplectic over it.

Never has table tennis been more watchable.

Disappointing lack of Goalball seen so far.


Kadeena Cox. Just won gold in a cycling event after winning an athletics medal yesterday. That’s pretty impressive, fair play.


I’ve already seen more Paralympics than I saw of the Olympics.

I think C4 coverage is much more watchable too.


Yeah, I think you’re right. No Inverdale for a start.


swimming with no arms. mind :boom:


brazil getting bronze in that swimming relay :smiley: